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Why GiveAway?

Find out how the Giveaw niche actually works and how they make money on you


How much do we get for 1 GiveAway

A prime example of the financial costs and benefits of holding one Give


What is your profit?

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Star Dream company
We work honestly. We have a license to carry out investment activities and the company is officially registered in the UK. This allows us to cooperate with investors around the world.

Bloggers, with large-scale GiveAway
Under the terms of the agreements, we cannot disclose the names of bloggers we worked with. But we will give you a hint;

Nastya Ivleeva
18,9 million subscribers

Evgeniy Kulik
3,6 million subscribers

Guseyn Gasanov
17,2 million subscribers

Anna Sedokova
5,1 million subscribers

Regina Todorenko
8,3 million subscribers

Vlad Sokolovskiy
1 million subscribers

IngiWay profitable investments

And so, how does GiveAway work. The bottom line is this: a blogger who has a certain audience in his social account can easily sell his followers, no matter how rude it sounds. For this, he chooses some kind of gift, which will be played out. Then he looks for sponsors (often the same bloggers, people who want to increase their number of subscribers, or the social accounts of some businesses) and invites them to participate for a certain amount, and in return guarantees them new subscribers. It is these sponsors that you see in the blogger's subscriptions, to which he asks you to subscribe. Each of these sponsors pays an H-sum to be on this list. And the total amount of payment that the blogger receives is several times, sometimes ten times higher than the cost of the gift you bought. In this way, under the pretext of winning, he sells you to another similar blogger.

We are glad to welcome you on the website of the company “IngiWay Invest”. Who we are and why it is beneficial for you to work with us - you will find out further. We are a company that creates, for a long time known to everyone, GiveAway, which each of us definitely saw in the news feed of our account in social networks. And some even took part personally, didn't they? We do not always work with the most popular bloggers, but we try to cover the maximum field of this market and get subscribers for sponsors at the lowest price. Thus, extracting the maximum profit.

What is our profit, you ask. To explain this to you as clearly as possible, we need to start with the general principle of GiveAway. I am sure many people think that Give is just another blogger, he decided to fork out and give, just like that, something to his subscribers. Naive. Some bloggers only live off the profit from such events.

The question immediately arises: why then the company “IngiWay Invest” is needed, and how does it make money . Everything is extremely simple. If the blogger is a media person with a multimillion audience, of course, it will not be difficult to find sponsors in your Giv. Moreover, they themselves will find you. But if the blogger is not so popular, it is very difficult for the sponsor to assess the potential exhaust from him, respectively, and questionable, both the price of participation and the amount. And above all, the search for sponsors, negotiating with them, providing results, sometimes personal presence and other labor activities, require a lot of time, money and staff. Which sometimes very successful bloggers do not have. And they understand that it is easier to give a part of the profit and they will do everything for you on a turnkey basis, than to spend a lot of time and money and invite only 1 sponsor. This is where we enter the field - “IngiWay Invest”. A company that is not the first year in this market, has a staff, extensive experience and a base of potential sponsors who are ready to finance GiveAway tomorrow.

We will give an example, how we make a profit, and how you can make money with us as easily as possible and on full liability.

How we make money:
For example, we launch 10 givs per month (this is very modest). Time for 1 giva = 10 days (we took the average, for ease of calculation). The average number of subscribers for a blogger is 1 million. The percentage of subscribers' activity is on average 7-10% (This is influenced by the topic of the blogger's content. And the raffled gift. And the conducted media advertising. And the creatives created. And many other nuances. Because of which we achieve such activity). 1 blogger = 70,000 - 100,000 subscribers per sponsor. We try to invite no more than 25 sponsors per 1 Give, so as not to "kill" the desire of subscribers to take part. The price of a subscriber depends on the activity of the audience, and given the good activity of our bloggers in this industry, the price of 1 subscriber is 2 rubles for the CIS audience and 5 cents for the EU and the USA. From this it turns out: 100,000 * 25 * 0.03 = 75,000 $ = 5,625,000 rubles. We spend on prizes no more than 25% of the amount paid by sponsors, We give 25% to the blogger. We spend 10% on marketing. We keep 40% for ourselves, since the full organization of Give, search for sponsors, drawing up contracts, buying prizes, sending them to the winners falls on us.

Since we have a large staff of partners, and some kind of competition in this industry, we follow the goal - to cover the market as much as possible. To do this, we are scaling the business by expanding our staff, advertising costs, search and agreements with sponsors (and often this happens in person), travel, flights, search for prizes, and other other expenses ... And we can scale up by increasing the budget to create a give from A to Z. It is for this purpose that we decided to accept private investments, in order to cover the maximum of the market as soon as possible. A logical question, how much are we willing to pay you for using your funds?

To do this, let's go back a bit, to the 40% that we keep for ourselves. The costs already from our side for the entire organization of Give make an average of 25%. From this it turns out that our net profit is 15%. The time spent on holding 1 give is 10 days. Hence, it turns out that we are ready to pay you 1.5% per day ... The investment period is 10 days for you, for which you will receive 15% of the net profit. This is a generous figure that we are really willing to pay you.

What is IngiWay doing?

We are needed: And since the example above is given on the example of 1 million subscribers from bloggers, and often it is 2 and 5 million, then the% of profit is already much higher. It is this amount that will act as insurance for you, if some kind of give is less profitable than 15%. We could pay you a higher percentage of the profit, but then we would not have an insurance reserve. Therefore, we pay you 15% for 10 days and all possible force majeure, less profitable Giveaways and other situations that will bring less profit - we take it upon ourselves, thereby insuring you as much as possible against any losses in “IngiWay Invest”. We understand that many may have a very smart question: "Why have I never heard of your company?" Moreover, I will say that you will not even learn from us what kind of bloggers we work with. And this is not because we, as you might think, are deceiving you (the opposite is evidenced by the official registration documents of our company). And because, the aura of the subscriber around GiveAway - they say their idol suddenly decided to do good for his subscribers. What in reality - he just once again decided to make money on you. And the more people believe in this "fairy tale", the more they take part, and the more loyal they are to their blogger. Otherwise, after each Give, the blogger would receive a portion of Hate and unsubscribe, which means an outflow of sponsors, which certainly none of them will do. This is the most important point of the contract between us and the blogger, so we cannot divulge the names.