Passive income +1.5% daily

We give you the opportunity to receive passive income in the amount of 15% of net profit for 10 days. Invest securely, safely and transparently while receiving your dividends

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Who we are?

IngiWay - We are a company that organizes GiveAway, which each of us definitely saw in the news feed of our account in social networks. But not everyone knows how much money a blogger earns by holding one such GiveAway. But since the organization and conduct itself has many subtleties to maximize profit, for this bloggers need professionals in their field, who we actually are. Read more on the page "About us"

Our goal is to provide you with passive income!

Why are we better?

- We are the organizers of the largest giveaways in Russia

- We have the first full-fledged agency that deals with giveaway

- Money back guarantee for non-listed subscribers

- Contractual relationship

- Stable overfulfillment of the guarantor

- We observe the complete anonymity of our bloggers

- We are constantly expanding our staff and increasing the volume

- We accept private investments for scaling

- We regularly pay dividends to our investors



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Bloggers, with large-scale GiveAway
Under the terms of the agreements, we cannot disclose the names of bloggers we worked with. But we will give you a hint ;)

Nastya Ivleeva
18,9 million subscribers

Yevgeniy Kulik
3,6 million subscribers

Guseyn Gasanov
17,2 million subscribers

Anna Sedokova
5,1 million subscribers

Regina Todorenko
8,3 million subscribers

Vlad Sokolovskiy
1 million subscribers

IngiWay company statistics

Our company is actively involved in attracting investments from private investors to maximize the coverage of the GiveAway market. Thus, extracting the maximum profit in this niche, in order to be able to pay stable dividends for a long time to all our investors. You will be able to earn 1.5% of net profit every day, with the possibility of withdrawing funds at any time. Follow our real-time deposit statistics
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$1 555 543.14
Total deposits
$1 000 014.91
Total withdrawals

Why investors choose us?

высокий доход
бессрочные депозиты
отношение к веб-мастерам как к людям

We work 24/7, we monitor all processes and are always ready to help you.

What can we offer for you:

Хорошие условия


Досрочные выплаты

FAST PAYMENTS on request

Повышенные ставки
										после 20FD

HIGH AND STABLE INCOME, both for the client and for the partner

Помощь в масштабировании

HELP AND SUPPORT in any difficult situation


AFFILIATE PROGRAMM + 5% for each affiliate contribution

Our statistics

Be active, you have a chance to get into the list of the best and take part in the weekly prize draw!

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